Who is enrolled

Our student body is comprised of children of varying ages, abilities, and backgrounds. The Montessori method is not just for gifted children or special needs children; it is for every child!

How to Enroll

Before you can be considered for enrollment, you must visit the school to see clearly what we have to offer and to let us observe your child in our environment. Because we have a waiting list in many classes, you should call for an appointment.


At MMA the maximum cost per year per child is affordable for most families. Our tuition is $500 monthly (kindergarten – high school) and there are substantial dis-counts for second and subsequent children from the same family. Preschool tuition is for full time (5 days/week) is $550 monthly.  The rate for the second child is $385 monthly and every child after that is $150 monthly. This fee is higher than some church-supported schools in the area, but much less than private schools of comparable quality either locally or nationally. MMA does not accept any form of government funding or subsidies, eliminating the influence of outside entities. Tuition support is available on a limited basis; please contact us for more information regarding cost. We also have child-care services before and after school, for the benefit of working and busy parents.

We also have child-care services before and after school, for the benefit of working and busy parents. The cost for morning or afternoon childcare is $1.50 for a half an hour. You are only charged for what you use. These charges are added on the next month statement.

Lunches are optional, but if ordered the charges are added on the next month’s statement.

You will only be charged for the consumable books that your child uses during the school year. These include Spelling, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Language Arts, and Writing Skills. These charges will be on your first statement at the beginning of the year. Because the children work at their own pace at MMA, some may complete a book before the end of the year, which would result in a charge for a second book.



Current families

During the month of February, previously-enrolled families have the opportunity to enroll for the following academic year before we offer spaces to new families.

Current families will have priority over new families, provided we receive your registration during the Early Registration period. This priority includes any children in your family, whether they have previously attended or not. For new families and returning families who miss the Early Registration deadline, we will be placing students in remaining spaces in the order in which we receive registration.

New families

We have open enrollment for families that are new to MMA anytime during the academic year, as long as there is space available.