1. How A Montessori Mindset Can Transform Your Business

    POST WRITTEN BY Justin Wasserman After studying and working with some of the strongest leaders across the world for the past 40 years, a dominant leadership characteristic we’ve identified is that they’re often unconventional thinkers. A question they constantly ask themselves and others is, “why should something be like that?” Every problem is viewed as solvable – as an opportunity – …Read More

  2. Montessori is Developmental

    by Peter Davidson “Your children go to Montessori school? I heard that’s fine for preschoolers, but when they are older, won’t they need something different?” I would guess that many of you have been asked questions similar to this on more than one occasion. It is an indication of the positive reputation Montessori enjoys as a preschool program, but also the relative lack of understanding …Read More

  3. Upcoming Events

    We will be regularly posting news about future events including upcoming dates, Montessori news and field trips. Please check back again soon for important news and information.…Read More