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Maximilian Montessori Academy is a private school, founded in 1988 and serving Owensboro and the surrounding area. We educate children from “pre-school” through the completion of the high school years. Our school is pleased to be an outstanding source of schooling for local families and gladly shares in the goal of all schools: to provide children with the best education we possibly can. We offer a small, carefully designed environment, which provides some features that cannot conveniently be offered in the more traditional settings.

Because we emphasize individualized education, all children progress as rapidly as their capacities make possible. No child is ever held back to the average level of the class or to arbitrary standards expected of a particular age or grade; likewise a child who encounters a difficulty in learning will be given ample time and additional instruction to accomplish mastery. Naturally the concept of grade placement is meaningless in such an environment, except in its original sense of number of years in school. Indeed, Maximilian Montessori Academy has children of widely varying ages together in the same class, a lifelike setting that has both social and academic advantages.


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